The "Red Arrow" InsigniaThe "Red Arrow" Insignia

The "Red Arrow" is the insignia of the 32nd Infantry Brigade and its predecessor, the 32nd Infantry Division. The 32nd Division was created in 1917, made up of National Guardsmen from Wisconsin and Michigan, to take part in World War I. The insignia consists of a red arrow piercing a horizontal line. This is to symbolize the fact that the 32nd Division penetrated every German line of defense that it faced in "The Great War". This insignia has been used by the 32nd Division ever since.

The 32nd Infantry Division also wore the "Red Arrow" insignia when it was activated for Federal Service in World War II, where it again distinguished itself as one of America's best. And again it was made up of National Guardsmen from Wisconsin and Michigan.

The 32nd Division also wore the "Red Arrow" insignia when it was activated, on 15 October 1961, for Federal Service during the Berlin Crisis, where it also was determined to be among America's best. This time, however, it was comprised entirely of Wisconsin National Guard soldiers.

In December 1967 the 32nd Division was disbanded and the 32nd Infantry Brigade (Separate) was created to take its place. The 32nd Brigade is made up entirely of Wisconsin National Guardsmen. The 32nd Brigade inherited the military lineage of the 32nd Division (as well as its proud, distinguished heritage). Bravo Troop is part of the 32nd Brigade, that is why we wear the "Red Arrow" on our shoulder today.

Check out the Wisconsin Military History page of this web site for more information about the history of the 32nd Division and the State of Wisconsin.

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