Watertown, Wisconsin (2001)

This photograph was taken at the Watertown armory during 15-16 Sept. 2001 drill.

This was our last drill as Echo Co., 2/127th Infantry. On 1 Oct. 2001 we would become Delta Co., 2/128th Infantry. This was a result of the reorganization of the 32nd 'Red Arrow' Infantry Brigade from a Mechanized Infantry Brigade to a Light Infantry Brigade.

Front Row, Left to Right: SGT L. Holloway, SFC K. Lemke, SSG H. Wehr, SGT T. van de Vyver, SPC B. Ellingson, SPC E. White, SPC C. Desmith, PFC J. Long, SPC T. McPhillips, CPL W. Smithson, CPL N. Eggers, SPC J. Koehler.

2d Row: SGT R. Golonski, PFC H. Thiele, SPC E. Thomas, CPL R. Johnson, PVT M. Remus (?), SGT T. Orlowski, SSG C. Boehlke, SSG R. Smithson, (?), SSG J. Gerrits, SPC J. Smithson, SSG R. Wolf, SSG J. Kent.

3rd Row: SGT D. Lemke, SGT D. Swart, SPC E. Bennett, SPC J. Graham, SPC M. Wallin, PFC R. Mock, SGT K. Lindemann, PFC R. Schroeder, SPC P. Lingnofski, SPC J. Janz, SPC D. Polly, SPC T. Krachtt, SSG S. Bushong, SPC J. Will, SPC A. Sitterly, PFC J. Nehring, SGT R. Jameson, 1SG P. Reistad, (?), SGT M. Holl, SPC A. Erdmann, SPC E. Schuett, CPL J. Wolff, PFC C. Fox, PFC J. Sweeney, PFC D. Britten, SFC C. Thayer, SFC S. Switzer, SPC M. Haack, SSG T. Bruss.

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