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In 1905 the State Legislature enacted Chapter 434 which provided that: "In the event of all or part of the Wisconsin National Guard being called into the service of the United States, the governor is hereby authorized to organize and equip a temporary military force equal in size and organization to that called from the state, provided, that upon the return to the state of the troops called into the service of the United States the temporary military force shall be disbanded."

Here is some information about the Wisconsin State Guard when it was activated during World War I and World War II.

The Wisconsin State Guard During World War I

On 9 July 1917 an announcement from Madison stated that a State Guard would be organized to take the place of the Wisconsin National Guard after it left the State. The first units would be organized in Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac and Green Bay. Later, units would be recruited throughout the State. It was to be a purely volunteer organization, recruited mainly from men too young and too old for the military draft.

The Wisconsin National Guard left the State in August of 1917, bound for Camp MacArthur, near Waco, Texas for training and then deployment to France to fight in the World War.

The Wisconsin State Guard held its first encampment at Camp Douglas during July of 1918. It was comprised of four regiments of infantry and a State Guard Reserve. The strength of the four regiments was about 3,500 officers and men and the reserve had a strength of about 2,000.

The companies were paid an allowance by the state for armory rent and an additional allowance for the upkeep of clothing and for general expenses connected with their training. They were issued uniforms of a distinctive pattern, different from the uniforms of the Wisconsin National Guard and the U.S. Army. They were armed with arms issued to the state by the war department for this purpose.

Their attendance at the camp of instruction in July 1918, was evidence of their patriotism, for they served without pay. The camp was commanded by BG Charles King, Wisconsin National Guard, retired, and that officer put the men through the paces of the regular army life. Because of their natural training in life the men proved apt students of military tactics, and their appearance after a few days of intensive training, following their own instructions at home, was everything to be desired. In his report to the adjutant general Gen. King paid them a highly deserved compliment.

All of the men had enlisted with the understanding that enlistment in the State Guard did not exempt them from the draft. They were, as had been said, of the age above and below the first draft restrictions (21-30 years). Many of them later were called to active service when the men reaching twenty-one were enrolled, and later the remaining men were registered under the draft for ages up to 40 years. The men of the State Guard who were later called went into the service with preliminary training which must have been valuable.

The State Reserve companies were organized in the cities from a further reserve force, and they paid their own expenses of administration and purchased their own uniforms.

The Wisconsin State Guard was called out 3 times during the World War I time period.

Sept. 16-18, 1918 Clark County; to assist in search for draft dodgers.
Aug. 20-24, 1919 As guards during the Cudahy riots.
Sept. 9-12, 1919 Troops were assembled in the armory at Manitowoc, for use in strike riots at Two Rivers, but they were not used.
On 5 May 1920, the State Guard was disbanded because the National Guard was reactivated. (The Wisconsin State Guard was not disbanded enmass, nor was the Wisconsin National Guard reactivated as a whole at one time. Instead, individual units of the State Guard were deactivated as the individual National Guard units were reactivated throughout 1920 and into 1921.)

Below are tables that detail the organization, home stations and officers of the Wisconsin State Guard and Wisconsin State Guard Reserve during World War I.

The Wisconsin State Guard During World War II

On 1 Feb. 1941, after the Wisconsin National Guard was federalized in October of 1940, the Governor (Julius P. Heil) directed the Adjutant General (MG Ralph M. Immell) to organize a state guard of 2,400 men to consist of a brigade of 3 infantry regiments with 32 rifle companies, 3 headquarters and service companies, and 3 bands, plus one MP Company and one Machine Gun Company. Each regiment consited of 3 battalions of 4 companies each. By 30 June 1941, the organization was complete. Each company had 5 officers and 60 enlisted men. Uniforms were furnished by the state and rifles and ammunition by the federal government. Their uniforms were similar to, but distinctive from, the uniforms of the Regular Army. They were given an intensive course in home defense.

On 30 June 1943, the organization consisted of 297 officers and 2,251 enlisted men.

During their existence, the Wisconsin State Guard was called by the Governor on the following occasions.

Aug. 15-Nov. 17, 1942 Superior and Ashland. Guarding ore docks. Two companies alternated every 2 weeks.
Sept. 19, 1942 Co. L, 2nd Inf. Regiment. Protection of life and property in flood at Spring Valley.
Dec. 17-31, 1942 Sturgeon Bay. 10 enlisted men guarded bridge.
June 18-19, 1944 Co. H, 2nd Infantry Regiment, stationed in Stevens Point, for protection of life and property after severe wind storm at Stevens Point.
June 22-24, 1944 Cos. E (Platteville), F (Monroe) and G (Madison), 3rd Infantry Regiment, protected life and property after severe wind storm at Belmont and other communities of Lafayette County.
In 1946 with the reactivation of the Wisconsin National Guard, the Wisconsin State Guard was disbanded.

Organization and Officers of
the Wisconsin State Guard
and State Guard Reserve
During World War I

Seventh Regiment of Infantry, Wisconsin State Guard

headquarters Milwaukee

COL Horace M. Seaman, Milwaukee
LTC Henry C. Baker, Racine
MAJs Michael F. Blenski, Milwaukee; Harry W. Ellis, Milwaukee; Clarence Christensen, West Allis
CPT William T. Dorward, Milwaukee, chaplain
CPT Thomas S. Bell, Milwaukee, adjutant
2LT Charles Stevens, Milwaukee, band master
1LTs Herbert W. Tullgren, Milwaukee; Henry A. Digman, Milwaukee; Casimer Gonski, Milwaukee, battalion adjutants
CPT Roy L. Stone, Milwaukee, quartermaster
1LT Paul Meske, Milwaukee, inspector small arms practice
2LT Ernest E. Bruhn, Milwaukee, supply officer
MAJ Harry E. Bradley, Milwaukee; 1LT William S. Darling, Milwaukee; 1LT E. H. Darling, Miwaukee, sanitary detachment
Co. A Milwaukee CPT Fergus R. Ellsworth 1LT Max L. Boeck 2LT William J. Janssen
Co. B Milwaukee CPT Thomas M. Spence 1LT William Thomson 2LT Francis E. Dewey
Co. C Milwaukee CPT Hugh M. MacGregor 1LT Charles S. Mercein 2 LT Donald A. Stewart
Co. D Milwaukee CPT John A. Keelan 1LT John Groom, Jr. 2LT Irwin R. Reik
Co. E Milwaukee CPT Paul G. Warren 1LT Henry C. Hengels 2LT Darwin W. Townsend
Co. F Milwaukee CPT Seymour Bonnet 1LT Hubbard C. Atkins 2LT Henry Weidenbacher
Co. G Milwaukee CPT Manuel G. H. Kuechle 1LT Arthur L. Day 2LT Roy A. Schafer
Co. H West Allis CPT Harry E. Welbourne 1LT Thomas J. Fleming 2LT Howard L. Ralston
Co. I Racine CPT Paul M. Matson 1LT Wallace F. McGregor 2LT Rudolph P. Peterson
Co. K Racine CPT John T. Olson 1LT John H Owens 2LT Frederick C. Haumorson
Co. L Milwaukee CPT Klemens Borucki 1LT Wladislas Cieszynski 2LT Thomas Szewczykowski
Co. M Milwaukee CPT Warren E. Porter 1LT Reiley A. McNutt 2LT John W. Johannessen


Eighth Regiment of Infantry, Wisconsin State Guard

headquarters Beloit

COL Rolf M. P. Rosman, Beloit
LTC Frank A. Shriner, Monroe
MAJs James W. O’Connell, Madison; Robert J. Parks, Fort Atkinson; Elmer M. Webb, Waukesha
CPT Evan John Evans, Beloit, chaplain
CPT James H. McNeel, Beloit, adjutant
1LTs Dean B. Becker, Fort Atkinson; Martin J. Olson, Madison; Marcus A. Jacobson, Waukesha, battalion adjutants
CPT Jacob E. Kinzer, Beloit, quartermaster
1LT Eugene A. Fuller, Madison, inspector small arms practice
2LT Thomas S. Nolan, Janesville, supply officer
MAJ Frederick C. Rogers; 1LT Samuel B. Ackley, Oconomowoc; 1LT Joseph B. Noble, Waukesha, sanitary detachment
Co. A Oconomowoc CPT F. George Schuehle 1LT Eugene Young 2LT Frank E. Boyle
Co. B Kenosha CPT Thomas B. Temple 1LT James Millar 2LT Hugh V. Barden
Co. C Waukesha CPT John A. Williams 1LT Owen L. Jines 2LT Otto F. Duecker
Co. D Hartford CPT Fred L. LeCount 1LT Lewis K. Benson 2LT Arthur E. Breitenfelt
Co. E Fort Atkinson CPT John F. Mueller 1LT George P. Lohmaier 2LT Alfred G. Cory
Co. F Beloit CPT Fred Y. Hart 1LT Frederic H. Gardner 2LT Vernon L. Stauffacher
Co. G Janesville CPT E. C. Bauman 1LT Charles H. Gage 2LT Emil Haumorson
Co. H Jefferson CPT Jacob C. Brandel 1LT Robert L. Crawford 2LT W. Erwin King
Co. I Monroe CPT Charles A. Schindler 1LT Brooks J. Dunwidde 2LT Clarence B. Baltzer
Co. K Madison CPT Leslie B. Rowley 1LT Eugene A. Fuller 2LT Harry T. Sheldon
Co. L Madison CPT Sigurd J. Swenson 1LT Henry C. Croft 2LT Edward Green
Co. M Platteville CPT David Gardner, Jr. 1LT Roland C. Harvey 2LT William B. Shepard


Ninth Regiment of Infantry, Wisconsin State Guard

headquarters Appleton

COL Hugh Pomeroy, Appleton
LTC Edward. O. Brown, Rhinelander
MAJs William H. Zuehlke, Appleton; John M. West, Green Bay; Eugene A. Hickey, Sheboygan
CPT Louis P. Peeke, Fond du Lac, chaplain
CPT John H. Laabs, Oshkosh, adjutant
2LT Ferdinand H. Jebe, Appleton, band master
1LTs Gustave C. Schwandt, Oshkosh; Albert F. Koepke, Sheboygan; Carl A. Eckhardt, Green Bay, battalion adjutants
CPT Adelbert R. Brunet, Fond du Lac, quartermaster
MAJ George H. Scheer, Sheboygan; 1LT Harry Heiden, Sheboygan, sanitary detachment
Co. A Appleton CPT Maurice S. Peerenboom 1LT William Buske 2LT Arthur Ritger
Co. B Neenah CPT Ralph E. Dietz 1LT Benjamin H. Metternick 2LT Phillip E. Grode
Co. C Fond du Lac CPT Samuel H. Longdin 1LT Charles Werth 2LT Frank Vanderwort
Co. D Oshkosh CPT H. Milton Bacon 1LT Ray B. Boyd 2LT Bart W. Heiss
Co. E Oconto CPT Albert J. Cummings 1LT William F. Schenke 2LT John B. Chase
Co. F Manitowoc CPT Christian Schade
2LT Stephen Cegielski
Co. G Green Bay CPT Charles J. Frewerd 1LT Thomas H. Quinn
Co. H Sheboygan CPT George F. Imig 1LT Alfred Steffen 2LT George Jorgenson
Co. I Marshfield CPT Otto Meyer 1LT Herman Hoerl 2LT Marcus A. Hansen
Co. K Grand Rapids CPT Wilbur E. Herschleb 1LT Frank D. Abel 2LT Anton K. Hartl
Co. L Marinette CPT Ralph W. Wenk 1LT Dominic Berg
Co. M Stevens Point CPT C. S. Orthman 1LT James A. Cashin 2LT Leanore J. Eaton


Tenth Regiment of Infantry, Wisconsin State Guard

headquarters Eau Claire

COL Marshall Cousins, Eau Claire
LTC Winfield W. Warren, Tomah
MAJs Charles C. Remington, Mauston; Frank L. French, Sparta; Cyrus C. Yawkey, Wausau
CPT William James MacCartney, Mauston, chaplain
CPT Herman G. Helstom, Eau Claire, adjutant
1LTs Aytch P. Woodson, Wausau; Louis H. Losby, Sparta; Fred H. Runkel, Portage, battalion adjutants
CPT William L. Howes, Tomah, quartermaster
2LT Herbert W. Quilling, Menomonie, supply officer
MAJ D. S. MacArthur, La Crosse; 1LT William E. Bannen, La Crosse; 1LT J. Fred Farr, Eau Claire sanitary detachment
Co. A Superior CPT S. C. Clemons 1LT Fred A. Russell 2LT Creston Harris
Co. B Superior CPT Sidney A. Buchanan 1LT Alfred T. Ledin 2LT John W. Kelley
Co. C Wausau CPT Frederick C. Becker 1LT Thomas H. Ryan 2LT Judd S. Alexander
Co. D Bayfield CPT John W. Dady 1LT Charles W. Green 2LT William J. Bassett
Co. E Menomonie CPT Robert H. Rodgers 1LT Elmer W. Waite 2LT Ludwig A. Tilleson
Co. F Eau Claire CPT Edmund C. Hoeppner 1LT Joseph C. Culver 2LT Charles D. Bergfeld
Co. G Chippewa Falls CPT Orrin H. Larrabee 1LT Walter Holm 2LT Edward H. Monat
Co. H Ladysmith CPT Archibald H. Callaway 1LT Allison Skinner 2LT James A. Carter
Co. I Neillsville CPT Henry W. Klopf 1LT John J. Irvine 2LT Alfred L. Devo
Co. K Tomah CPT Edward C. Van Wie 1LT Adelbert H. Wilson 2LT William E. Bartels
Co. L Mauston CPT Earl W. Towers 1LT Merton A. Grimmer 2LT Ervie E. Petrie
Co. M La Crosse CPT James A. Fairchild 1LT Joseph G. Dubraks 2LT Charles J. Wacks


First Separate Battalion, Wisconsin State Guard

headquarters Kenosha

MAJ Horace J. Mellum
1LT Charles H. Ernst, adjutant
2LT Fank H. Traux, supply officer
1LT George F. Adams, sanitary detachment
Co. A CPT William R. Harrison

Co. B CPT William J. Bermingham 1LT John M. Albers 2LT Walter Getschman
Co. C CPT Fred W. Steinert 1LT George B McCune 2LT Fred J. Baum
Co. D CPT Orman D. Yule 1LT Charles E. Crawford 2LT Walter J. Mahler
This was a Kenosha organization, all of the officers and men being enlisted from that city.


Separate Companies and Platoons of the Wisconsin State Guard Reserve

First Separate Company Milwaukee CPT Thomas P. Carter 1LT Ben L. Salamon
Second Separate Company De Pere CPT Henry P. Moes 1LT Levi S. Wilcox 2LT Elmer T. Abendroth
Third Separate Company Waupun CPT Edward B. Carroll 1LT Byron Walker 2LT Elwin Franklin
Fourth Separate Company Elroy CPT John P. Conway 1LT Charles Schmidt 2LT Gerald Flood
Fifth Separate Company Minong CPT Allen S. Gilbert 1LT Almon J. Downing 2LT Charles J. Cockson
Sixth Separate Company Mt. Horeb CPT Oscar Christianson 1LT John B. Severson
Seventh Separate Company Kendall CPT George F. Friedrich 1LT George H. Robinson 2LT James D. Sheridan
Eighth Separate Company Horicon CPT Charles Hawks 1LT Harry W. Washburn 2LT Hector P. Vilvoch
Ninth Separate Company Watertown CPT Walter A. Simon 1LT August C. Henze 2LT Albert R. Preusse
Tenth Separate Company New Richmond CPT James Kennedy 1LT Charles J. Fearn 2LT John M. Hagen
Eleventh Separate Company Spooner CPT Leon C. Huff 1LT William A. Taylor 2LT Herbert C. Brewer
Twelfth Separate Company Tomahawk CPT Henry H. Roehrborn 1LT Charles F. Bebeau
Thirteenth Separate Company Rib Lake CPT Harry R. Hyland 1LT Elmer F. Hollen 2LT Edward Johnson
Fourteenth Separate Company Sturgeon Bay CPT Fred P. Sarles 1LT John H. Stewart 2LT John F. LaVassor
Fifteenth Separate Company Cumberland CPT Herbert R. Hines 1LT Giles H. Wilse 2LT John D. Olson
Sixteenth Separate Company Wrightstown CPT Raymond J. Noel 1LT John B. Vanderheiden
Seventeenth Separate Company Grantsburg CPT George Franklin Nash 1LT George O. Olson 2LT  Virgil E. Hawley
Eighteenth Separate Company Hurley CPT Lester D. Stewart 1LT Lee L. Wilcox 2LT Verne O. Johnson
Nineteenth Separate Company Webster CPT Max W. Hoppe 1LT Burk S. Green 2LT Norman C. Dunn
Twentieth Separate Company Alderly CPT Forest A. Gourlie 1LT John J. Jeffords 2LT Nicholas Derse
Twenty-first Separate Company Eagle

Twenty-second Separate Company Port Washington CPT Emil Albl 1LT Andrew M. Van Ells 2LT Henry Bartel
Twenty-third Separate Company Whitewater CPT Olaf Johnson 1LT Harry Bonnett 2LT George W. Ankomeus
Twenty-fourth Separate Company Mayville CPT Edward S. O’Connor 1LT Gerard A. Strassen 2LT Victor H. Lawrence
Twenty-fifth Separate Company Colby CPT Frank A. Jackson 1LT John S. Grimes 2LT Richard G. Salter
Twenty-sixth Separate Company Crandon CPT Lee W. Llewellyn 1LT William M. Sherlock 2LT Fred C. Rogers
Twenty-seventh Separate Company Lake Mills CPT Edward O. Neff 1LT Emil Kumbier 2LT Oliver H. Hornby
Twenty-eighth Separate Company Campbellsport CPT Robert B. Ellis 1LT David Knickle 2LT William W. Edwards
Twenty-ninth  Separate Company New London CPT Harry C. Smith 1LT William A. Sheerin 2LT Chester M. Allen
Thirtieth Separate Company Kewaskum CPT John P. Fellenz 1LT Byron H. Rosenheimer 2LT Newton W. Rosenheimer
Thirty-first Separate Company Rome CPT Louis J. Auerbach 1LT Guy R. Graves 2LT Lisle C. Curtis
Thirty-second Separate Company Hudson CPT William Y. Burton 1LT Leonard L. Bailey 2LT Benn C. Bunker
Thirty-third Separate Company Princeton CPT Charles F. Gerlach 1LT Erich Muller 2LT Oscar C. Olman
Thirty-fourth Separate Company Rice Lake CPT Eugene Matteson 1LT Gussie J. Dodge 2LT Vane W. Packard
Thirty-fifth Separate Company Palmyra CPT Walter H. Reed 1LT Willis D. Moneyelle 2LT Alfred W. Foote
Thirty-sixth Separate Company Middleton CPT Hans C. Ruenzel 1LT Willard S. Green 2LT Charles F. Allen
Thirty-seventh Separate Company Waupaca CPT Roy Holly 1LT William C. Cain 2LT William H. Ottman
Thirty-eighth Separate Company Clintonville CPT Julius Spearbraker 1LT Oscar H. Hagan 2LT Raymond F. Ogilvie
Thirty-ninth Separate Company Milton CPT Floyd T. Coon 1LT Alan W. Uren  2LT Walter E. Rogers
First Separate Platoon Stratford 1LT James B. Clark
Second Separate Platoon Wauwatosa 1LT Hjorleifor T. Kristjanson
Third Separate Platoon Livingston 1LT Harty A. Weingartner
Fourth Separate Platoon Frederic 1LT John A. Marquette
Fifth Separate Platoon Birchwood 1LT Lloyd T. Weeks
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